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Dippy Eggs and Julia Roberts

I am 33 years old and I finally know what kind of eggs I like.

I know. It’s very Julia Roberts and Runaway Bride-ish, except I never left a man at the altar. Almost, but not quite. I didn’t actually leave him there but I was late coming up the steps and it did make for a painfully long 90 seconds of silence. Oops. But, thank goodness He waited for me. That was a perfect day.


Best.movie.ever. And Joan Cusack and that heinous bow. Love it. Photo via Pinterest

Annnnddd…. back to the eggs. My favorite eggs? The Dippy kind, with salt and cracked pepper on a piece of wholegrain toast.

As a child I was allergic to eggs and milk– (even ICE CREAM!!) for just a few years, but those were the formative years for my palate and I grew up not liking eggs at all.

Fast forward to my early days as a newlywed when my aforementioned hunky hunky husband would make scrambled eggs full of sauteed veggies and fresh herbs.. and I ate them. I liked them as long as each bite had enough veg to mask the taste of the actual egg. I would have sworn them off completely if that little voice in my head wasn’t always lecturing me on what an excellent source of protein they were. 

Years of squeamishly chewing even the fluffiest of eggs recently led me to try other kinds. I saw a photo of Avocado toast on instagram one day and thought that sounded divine. Basically it’s just toast, spread with ripe avocado and sprinkled with a pinch of salt and pepper.

That toast was the basis for this quick, protein packed yummy breakfast.

Avocado Toast-2

Cook one egg using this method for making the perfect dippy egg without flipping (or too much fat!)

It only takes 2-3 minutes, meanwhile toast a piece of multigrain bread. Then spread the toast with 2 tbs. ripe avocado, sprinkle with a smidge of salt and pepper.

Top with your perfect dippy egg and more pepper if needed. IF you happen to have a piece of crispy bacon just hanging around, definitely add a few bacon crumbles.

There. That’s it.

It may seem simplistic to blog about making toast and cooking an egg, but when these ingredients come together– they make a nice little breakfast party. Who knew?!

Happy Monday friends!

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Stitch Fix– What I’ve learned so far

So, first things first. Stitch Fix is something that I have recently mentioned. Though it is a departure from my usual topics, it is a fun departure. I won’t be flooding your inbox with dozens of posts like these, but every time I receive my Fix, I will share the details and some photos– because it’s fun!! I have recently had several questions from those interested in trying Stitch Fix, and since I have learned a few things through the process– I thought I would try to answer a few of those questions. Hopefully this will be fun and helpful.  If you happen to be a man, um.. maybe forward this to your wife or special ladyfriend?
Stitch Fix-4

1. “So Hey, Cynthia. I have no clue what Stitch Fix is. Want to help me out?” Sure! Stitch Fix is an personalized online stylist service. It can be a monthly subscription service, or one that you schedule based on your needs, (which I do.)  You do NOT have to get a Fix every month or even every couple of months. Each Fix is individually priced and individually selected.

2. “Am I going to spend more than at the mall?” Probably. It really depends on what you’re looking for. The point of Stitch Fix is not bargain basement prices or clearance rack finds. If you really LOVE the thrill of a great deal and don’t mind spending a while hunting for that deal, you may be taken aback with some of the prices. That being said, you have the opportunity to give feedback on pricing, style, fit etc. and really– that feedback is everything! AND, if you happen to love and keep all 5 items in the box, you save 25%!

I have heard recently from Stitchfix on this matter. When I asked them if they really paid attention to the prices we selected on the profile, they said–“Since our ultimate goal is to hone in on the ideal style and fit you’re looking for, we may send you an item that is more of a splurge piece for you if we believe you’ll get a lot of use out of the item and/or find it to be high quality and versatile…..If you would like price points to be adhered to more so than style preferences, placing notes on the style profile will help the stylists make better decisions moving forward.” –Stitch Fix Customer Service

2015-07-16 17.30.473. “I really love to shop at Target. Am I going to spend less on clothes at Target?” Yes. But you may also find that the quality is quite different. I have noticed that Stitch Fix offers the opportunity for more of a capsule wardrobe, with less clothing but more substantial, lasting pieces. I have personally really been in favor of less clothes– but better quality. Also, the referral program that they offer is really what often makes the clothes affordable. They offer $25 credit for each person that uses your referral code. You don’t have to have a blog– you can just share about your Fix on Facebook and you get credit for telling others about them. 
I still love that Target though. 

2015-07-16 17.32.08
4. “Is it worth the $20.00 styling fee?” The styling fee of $20.00 is what you pay for each fix and that $20.00 is applied to whatever you keep from your box. The only way you lose that money is if you choose nothing in your box. Here’s what I know though. As a whole, these stylists try REALLY hard. They seem to genuinely want to send you pieces you will feel fabulous in. Some may think the $20 Styling Fee isn’t worth it, but if you consider that your stylist is providing a service– then it isn’t so bad. Oh, AND there is ZERO shipping either way. You get a Large Priority Mail Bag to send back your returns in and do not pay to return it. Just fill it, seal it and drop it in the mailbox. I wish other companies made it that easy!

5. “How can I get a good first fix?” Be honest. Be honest about your sizing. Be clear about what your style is. Link a Pinterest board with your style or other Stitch Fix pieces you like. And know that after your fix, your feedback will be the most important tool in getting a great next Fix.

6. “Boo. My 1st Fix was a total bust.” You are not alone. Me too. I was super excited and then happened to get a box of not me, not me, not big enough for me, way too purple for me and then oooh! Pretty!!!! The one thing I kept was absolutely favorite though– I wear it all the time.

7. “I’m not a size 2. Should I pass it by?” Please don’t. I went back and forth for months because I am also not ahem– a smallish size. These hips don’t… lie–at all. I didn’t want to be uber disappointed with a box full of too-small. But, Stitch Fix styles up to an XL and a 14. They also go to the trouble to ask you questions like where your body is larger, how you like tops to fit, etc. It’s quite a science. They know all of America is not the same size. Plus, if you’re going to try on clothes– wouldn’t you rather do it in your own room while your kids are sleeping? Me too. :)

I hope this has been helpful. Have any more questions I might be able to help with? Leave them in the comments and I will do my best!

P.S. I have included referral links in this post. As I mentioned before, Stitch Fix offers credit for sharing the love and telling others about them! But as always, I wouldn’t tell you about anything I didn’t enjoy myself! XOXO, Cynthia 


Stitch Fix Review #3

This fix (#3!) was my favorite so far. Everything really reflected my style and each piece was light and summery.

Which is great, because this could also be titled, the one where I wore all the ponytails. It is HOT here in Georgia and will be for several more months at least.
Stitch Fix-3

This time my requests were light and flowy tops in bright colors and perhaps a kimono (which always makes me think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding– Robe means– Kimono. HA!) I also asked for either a super casual dress or a maxi dress.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? It truly is such a great way to add to your wardrobe in the privacy of your own home. And driving up to see that Stitch Fix box on your porch? SUCH FUN.

This fix I tried on every piece so you could see them on. They just don’t look the same on the hanger. Let’s jump right in–

1. 31 Bits Odette Beaded Layer Necklace in Coral. This necklace was lightweight and really fun. I imagine it would look great with so many things. I asked for no jewelry in my fix, but since I pinned this for style ideas several months ago, my stylist thought it would be a fun addition. If I did not have a few necklaces already that I wear often, I might have kept it but I did not. But how fun is that coral??! Verdict: Sent Back. 

2015-07-17 14.11.00

31 Bits Odette Beaded Layer Necklace

2. THML Christen Embroidered Tie Neck Top EEK! I absolutely LOVE this top. It was exactly what I was looking for fit-wise and the material is soft and cool. The red is more of an orangey red which makes it even more unique. Great job, stylist Melissa!!

2015-07-17 14.35.31

THML Christen Embroidered Tie Neck Top

I’m saving this to wear for my birthday this week– it looks great with white shorts or white cropped jeans. And it will transition nicely in a few months when a cardigan doesn’t feel like an insulated straight-jacket. Verdict: KEPT!!! 


THML Christen Embroidered Tie Neck Top

3. Papermoon Ganesha Double Strap Top in Green. This top was the first thing I pulled out and loved it immediately. The straps are different, making the unmentionable situation a little tricky– but the colors are a happy kelly green and navy.

2015-07-17 14.53.23

Papermoon Ganesha Double Strap Top

I paired it with white cropped jeans and a navy cardigan. The fit wasn’t quite right at the bottom so I didn’t keep it but was I ever tempted to. Verdict: Sent Back. 

Papermoon top

Papermoon Ganesha Double Strap Top

4. Ezra Malley Scoop Neck Fit and Flare Dress, Navy. Ok. So this dress fit great. The box pleats were fun and the material was stretchy and yet still dressy. I paired it with my Noonday Tushabe Necklace and some neutral cork wedges. It was comfortable and cute.

2015-07-17 15.00.19-1

Ezra Malley Scoop Neck Dress

BUT. In my last fix just a couple months ago, I received and kept the Papermoon Girtha Dress in Navy, basically the same style and definitely the exact same material. This time I asked for a super casual dress and this just was not that to me. I was hoping for a pull on to run errands kind of dress and though this could be dressed down a bit, it really was not that. I was also disappointed that it seemed that they did not consider what I received and kept from my very last fix. Honestly if I had not kept the last dress though or if this had been another color, this would have been a definite keep. Verdict: Sent Back. 

5. Collective Concepts Leeds Crochet Detail Top, Pink. I *may* have squealed a little when I pulled this bright pink top from the box. The material is again, light and flowy with a little bit of a high-low hem and perfect for 99 degree days. (!!!) I tried it with boyfriend jeans and brown and gold sandals and it was a winner!

2015-07-17 15.13.08

Collective Concepts Leeds Crochet Detail Top

I think it would also be cute with navy or grey or even black. And I love that the detail goes around to the back. That is one think I see consistently with Stitch Fix items. They usually have this extra interesting detail that makes them different. I cannot wait to wear this soon! Verdict: KEPT!!! 

leeds top

Collective Concepts Leeds Crochet Detail Top

So two out of five kept again— which really isn’t bad considering this is only my third fix! I hope to have a 5/ 5 box soon because that extra discount is really amazing! (If you keep all five items, you get 25% off the entire fix!)

I hope this review was fun for you– posting this many pictures of myself is definitely out of my comfort zone a little but when I began to try Stitch Fix, it helped me SO much to see the clothes on other people– and I really love you guys! <3

If you are considering Stitch Fix, I would be grateful if you would use my referral link. This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix and I pay for my fixes because I love them. But, I have included my referral link because they offer credit anytime someone uses your link– which is a really fun incentive to share about them!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Grab yourself a push-pop and RELAX. 

Last night I stood in front of the house on Almond Avenue. The house that I lived in for the first fifteen years of life. The blue paint had been replaced with a pale creamy yellow but the palm tree outside my bedroom window remained. (Because, Florida.) From first steps to cheerleading practice, that house held it all.


You better believe those fancy satellite dishes were not ours.

I stood there next to my brother and for three whole minutes, it all came rushing back.  Like someone pressed play on a scratchy VHS tape of our childhood– I watched us tear through the back yard with our dog, Sally– and ride, sans training wheels and hollering down the driveway.

This front yard saw one and only one white Christmas in 1989– and by the time we scraped up a few snowballs, it was more of a grey Christmas anyway but we may as well have been in It’s a Wonderful Life with socks on our hands (because who has gloves in Florida?) and layers of light jackets.

And that tree over there? The one that use to tower so high? That’s where Mom lined us up in our Easter pastels and took our photo each and every April, grinning and jittery from too many jelly beans.

Not surprisingly, the snapshots of life that play over and again in my head are the simple lovely bits of every day life that we lived and not the “bigger” moments. 

This week I laughed and perhaps shed a tear or two at the poignant and hilarious Inside Out movie. One of the most lovely parts of the movie was the concept of “core memories.” In the movie, these pivotal moments, happy or sad– drive ones’ personality and who they become.

Later I realized that most of my own core memories are not ones I would have known would become such. The smell of bubbling spaghetti sauce and the clattering of plates laid out for all of us. And laughter. So much laughter.

Meanwhile I’m the parent now with the task of raising and steering and loving littles and I cannot help but wonder if we try too hard to make every little thing an EVENT. Every birthday, St.Patrick’s Day, and Guy Fawkes Day often carries with it the pressure of “making it special.” Maybe it’s Pinterest or maybe it’s just a desire to make every moment mean something.

May I make a suggestion? Look back at your own memories. Which ones matter the most? The ones where you knew your mom stayed up all night making halloween costumes for 2 dozen cupcakes or the moments you felt loved and safe?

Life itself is special. The living of this life together is what makes it special. Give yourself a little grace and focus on what matters.

My parents loved God and loved us– and taught us to do the same. Almost everything else was just sprinkles.


I know. Hazy and Crazy.

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No Actual Productivity Represented

Remember last week when I lauded summer?  I was all yay, foam pool noodles and yay team sunscreen and popsicles are a meal and I -think-I-may-never-blow-dry-my-hair-again? 


My two sweet offspring had a few days at their grandparents planned so I made a big, fat list of ALL the things I was going to do while they were being lovingly spoilt.

I bought a gallon of the prettiest tranquil spa blue to FINALLY paint the picnic table.

I started a brand new book with all intentions of finishing it in a weekend.

I ambitiously planned to nearly finish a large writing project that feels like a cute little monkey in pink argyle socks –on my back all the time.

Not to mention I was going to go the gym five times, eat all the salads and enjoy a date night with my guy.

Except.  Do you know what’s worse than being sick? Being sick in summer, that’s what. This is about how I have been–

I love that movie so very much. Especially that part. Especially how she sneezes for all of New York City and the way she says, “I have a Tempahratuhhr!”

Clearly, I have had only the energy for Tom and Meg and also the entire 2nd season of Gilmore Girls. Although, I did get a date night or two with the most patient husband ever. We went a movie and stayed out until the crazy hour of 9PM. Obviously, we are a bunch of hooligans.

I sincerely hope your 4th was wonderful and full of fireworks and watermelon. I did* fall asleep to the sound of fireworks exploding so that counts, right?

Happy Wednesday sweet readers. Here’s to unexpected rest and yoga pants! <3

P.S. YAY the littles are coming home today!! Because, having a few kid-free days might be nice, but nothing tops having two little sets of arms squeezing around your neck at the same time!!!


What I Learned in June

It’s one of my favorite times of the month when we share what we learned with Emily.


1. Simple cliche summer days really are the very best.  Perpetually air-dried hair with swimsuits and coverups as our daily outfits of choice. The calming lull of the dryer with our beach towels spinning away landmarks every afternoon. We rapidly move through boxes of popsicles and we always know where our flip-flops are.

Just 5 weeks into summer and I’ve learned it takes very little beyond a neighborhood pool and sunshine to keep us all content. We have settled very nicely into the sunscreen scented rhythm of summer and I am soaking it all up.

2. I read good books at a snail’s pace. You would think if I loved it, I couldn’t put it down. But I get completely wrapped up in the characters and hate the idea of them “moving out” of my brain so I read them slooooowly. Currently from my summer reading list, I am enjoying Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay. If you read Dear Mr. Knightley, this one is similar but still very different. I have only three short chapters left so I’m only reading two pages at a time. IMG_4379

3. I sorely missed my Stitchfix this month. I skipped my May fix for various reasons and I really missed that happy little green and white package. I scheduled one for my birthday later this month and I’ve been pinning things like crazy and watching the calendar. I like surprises; therefore Stitchfix has been a really fun experience. Have you tried it yet? IMG_3670

4. Colorful food inspires me to eat healthier. Our little back deck garden has been slowly producing some really beautiful things. Gold Zucchini (very similar to regular zucchini,) cucumbers, varieties of tomatoes and herbs galore. We normally eat a LOT of soups and chilis but in the summer– not a chance. It’s been so incredibly hot lately and I find myself searching for creative ways to cook without heat. We eat a lot of salads and tacos. I love the ability to create dinner with these beautiful colors.
colorful veg

What did YOU learn this month?

Catch up on what I learned in April and March

**Affiliate links are included in this post. This means that at no extra cost to you– I get a small commission if you purchase anything I recommend through these links.

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Summer Reading and Savor by Shauna Niequist

My favorite wall in our house is the one that is covered by books. We are all big readers around here. I always keep quite a to-read pile and then a secondary of to-read-after-I-read-the-others shelf. Some books I finish rapidly, others I put down and pick back up several time over the course of a month or two. (Curious what my summer reading list is?)

I am currently finishing Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay and I LOVE that it has carried me a month into summer and now smells like sunscreen and boasts a few water spotted pages.

I am not too strict about going in my planned reading order, and there are a small handful of authors that have earned themselves a sturdy place at the top. If anyone ever hands me one of their books, I add them to the top of the pile right away.

Shauna Niequist is certainly one such author. Her writing style is exquisite yet personable– and I definitely want to write a bit like her when I grow up. (I’m not an adult yet, I still like chips on my sandwiches.) 

The only problem I ever have with any of her books is that they end too soon. No matter the length of the book, I gorge on the first half and then pace myself with small microscopic bits until I come to the sad conclusion that I’ve read it all. She has an especially beautiful way of writing. Shauna paints word-pictures so vibrant you feel as though you’ve just taken your first bite of something delicious at her kitchen table. I love that. One of my favorite things to write about is food and people, therefore her books inspire me on a very personal level.IMG_3584

When my friends at the BookLook Blogger program sent me a copy of Shauna’s newest book, Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are I *might* have squealed like a fangirl. The book itself makes a gorgeous presentation with a linen-cover and lettering by Lindsey Letters.  In fact, because the format is that of 365 daily readings– it would make an excellent (Psst. Christmas is 180 days away) gift. Each reading begins with a verse of Scripture followed by a short essay. An included list of Shauna’s recipe staples cause you to bring this book from your nightstand to your kitchen — and that’s certainly a good thing.

I, personally, love that Savor is long enough to enjoy in small bites throughout the year. The message of this lovely book, to remember to live abundantly, where you are, as you are.. is absolutely something we can all be reminded of on a daily basis.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. If you have been here before you know I take that seriously. This is definitely one of those times when I can say, “I wholeheartedly, honestly LOVED it!”

Pick one up for yourself here–Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are


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