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Five Minute Friday- Hero


Five Minute Friday


I think I could have lived my whole life holding back. 

I love (and loved) my life as a mom and wife and I’ve never felt that life was lacking in ANY way. I have experienced both being a working mom and a non-working mom and both have blessings and challenges.

I’ve always had *interests* in things… but it took listening to him to realize my interests were passions.

He helped me SEE. He helped me see past my concern that I was being selfish to want other things. He helped me stretch myself beyond what I’d always known. He helped me realize the beauty in the art of doing what you love AND loving what you are currently called to do.

He helped me recognize that holding back from doing something that GOD has given you to do, is Sin. Not appropriate Mommy-Martyrdom. 

Lovingly, he calls me out on my baseless accusations against myself as I awkardly dog-paddle in a sea of insecurity.

But more than all of this, he holds my hand when I’m afraid. He prays for me. He reads what I write and offers encouragement.

On the days I’m certain NO ONE cares to read the words from my fingertips, he reads them.

And in this amazing unfathomable support, He has become my biggest fan– and my HERO.

For a HERO fills in the gaps of strength when we are lacking.

And I feel like I lack ALOT.


(This is my very short 5-minute bit of thoughts on my amazing Husband and Hero. The prompt today over at Five Minute Friday was HERO. I’m linking up over there.) 

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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday- Hero

  1. coming over from FMF
    love hearing about your hero – beautiful words and we are so blessed to have husbands who are such examples of Christ’s love!!

  2. Because this dear man, this very rare treasure is the husband of my dearly loved daughter- he is one of my heroes, too. One for whom I am so very grateful to God. “Every good gift comes down from the Father…”

  3. Lovely post. He sounds like a true gem. Wonderful tribute.

  4. Visiting from FMF. I love your thoughts about your husband. I wrote about mine too! http://www.leeanngtaylor.com/findingthehero. Love when other wives share how their husbands are a blessing to them. We should all talk about it more often!

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