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A Birthday Girl & the Aristocats

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Well, the floors are FINALLY finished! Woohoo! And I promise to post some great pictures next week–

But all that’s taking a back seat for now because Abigail is turning TWO on Sunday and we are celebrating her this weekend!

She loves cats and dogs, and she really loves the Aristocats Movie. She calls it, “Erybody” from the song, “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat.”

So this movie came out ages ago but it was recently re-released and we own it and a stuffed Marie… but other than that– Aristocats theming is pretty much.. non-existent. So I’ve been trying to use my creative juices to get this party to come together— and since the floors got finished about, OH– say 15 minutes ago… the house is finally quiet. And ahh… did you hear that? Quiet.

So I’m off to try to put this party on and clean up days of collateral damage from the painting job followed by the flooring job. It’s basically a zoo around here… but at least the carpet that looked like it lined an elephant’s cage is gone. WOOHOO!!!

I’ll be back next week with all manner of Puurrrrfect Party Pictures. (Yes, I did. I love a good pun.)

In the mean time– here’s a few snapshots from Abby’s first days.

Scanned Pictures 034 Scanned Pictures 063 Scanned Pictures 072 Scanned Pictures 126 Scanned Pictures 157


Scanned Pictures 176

I couldn’t help myself. She did this a lot for her first… well a long time. She’s smiles all the time now.



See? Precious Baby Girl, How we LOVE you!

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One thought on “A Birthday Girl & the Aristocats

  1. Such a sweet adorable little girl. Love her!!! I know the party will be adorable and I can’t wait to see pics.

    And could NOT be happier about your recent home renovation. Congrats!

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