I have this little girl Abby. She is small and very funny.

(Yes, we watch a lot of Charlie and Lola around these parts.)

She loves life and fun and laughing and playing.

But she hates rest time.

I mean, truly– I almost have to sneak up on her to get her in the direction of upstairs before I tell her it’s rest time.

Because that girl– she will run and hide. No matter how tired she is.

She will ask for a drink. (she just had one.) A snack. (She just finished one.) She will ask to go potty. (She just did.) She will want some obscure stuffed animal that neither of us have seen in months. (her bed is full of them.)

And she will go from a snuggly two year old to a rabid porcupine as I try to carry her upstairs.

Upon nearing her bed, she’s even been known to say on several occasions lately and I quote, “I don’t want that cozy bed!!!!!!” “I don’t NEED a nap!!!! *huge yawn.”

She usually has to be distracted by the “animals marching two by two” poem and the drawing of an imaginary kitty face on her own little round face before she realizes she, is, indeed in her own bed.
And then I can see it on her own face– “Oh wow… this is comfy… maybe I’ll just lie down for a moment…”

By the time I get back downstairs and switch on the monitor, she’s out cold. And she stays that way for at least 2 1/2 hours.
But the IDEA of taking a nap? Taking a break from all the fun? No Way is she interested in that.

And then there’s me.

I know I mentioned this before, but this summer has not been a “break.”

Not by any fault of anyone’s but it’s just been super full (of wonderful, amazing things!) but somewhat like a Carousel going a little bit too fast and never stopping for very long at all.

And about some point during each week, I find myself with an hour and no pressing deadline– and I just sit. And stare. Sometimes at the wall. Sometimes at my Instagram feed (because lately it’s been all precious new babies and pictures from where all of you are going and where you’re traveling to and what you’re eating.. and a few cats. There’s always a few cats, of course.) But it’s refreshing to just zone out in silence for a few minutes.

Often in the staring I think– I should really get up and do…..

And I probably should. BUT. there’s something to be said for REST.

And being REFRESHED.

And maybe I’m not kicking and screaming and having someone force me to rest… but that might just be what I need.

So here’s my plan. Since Summer is clearly almost over and I have a few deadlines that won’t come until the last few days of summer’s end– I propose something.

Perhaps, we shall make FALL a season of purposeful REST.

Can anybody out there use an Autumn with a return to a little bit of Margin?
I know I can.
So if you’ll humor me–
I am planning a few more posts dealing with this topic.
Rest. Quiet. Whitespace. Margin. Room for Whatever.

I won’t commit right now to how many or when–(because I might just start hyperventilating!) but–  just Fall and a few!
Hope you’ll join me.

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