I’m all alone in a new-found favorite spot. Comfy purple chair. Earbuds streaming the soul-calming sounds of my Audrey Assad Station. Beside me sits a tall iced coffee infused with coconut and a slice of Hawaiian Banana Bread. Apparently, I’m wishing for an escape in more ways than one.

I’m not just here to read. Or to think or relax.

I’m here with a task. Something that I’ve known I had to finish for more than two months. Something for which the deadline is looming. But each time I sit and try to “knock it out,” several things loom larger than my responsibility.

My own inadequacy. My own “green-ness” at this. Some might call it stress-paralysis. My own fear that someone else could do it better. Someone else could say it more eloquently. Truthfully, I’m not very brave am I?

But here’s the thing.

It’s not always ALL about Bravery. Somedays it’s ALL ABOUT OBEDIENCE.

Today is that day.

Somedays you have to be brave, other days you just have to show up and be available.

Here is what I know. I know that when we are given tasks that seem too big for us, it is because they most certainly are. 

Tasks that are too big for us require that we allow our smallness to shrink back a bit and allow God to more clearly show His power. His strength. His might. His ABILITY to equip us where we feel ill-equipped.

But obedience requires the first step. Often the first step is all we know in the way of direction.

But let’s take it. Take the first step to begin in the direction God is nudging us.

Begin. And He will take care of the finishing. 

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